Summary For My Days After the Submission of My First Paper

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I submitted my first paper on this year's CVPR. After that, my efficiency dropped quite significantly. I found I cannot focus on my work like before. I just don't have that passion anymore. Even before the submission, I knew I would waste about two weeks having a full rest. But to this day, it has been more than one month. Yeah, this month I didn't make any meaningful progress on my second work.

There are some reasons. The most obvious one is my tutor assigned me some unrelated work. But I don't really think those things should take me that long time. The one I won't tell anyone before is I have some problems in my personal life.
I don't want to tell too many details here. If you really want to know what it is, I will say if you have checked my previous posts, perhaps you will figure that out. Yeah, for a single young man like me, what can really take my emotions down?

After the weekend that I just wasted, I just don't want to do that anymore. I want to change for a better myself and I will.

Okay, it's enough bullshit for today. Back to reality.